Friday 6 May 2011

Some tips I have picked up, to get you started :)

Tip number 1:

When painting Beyond The Page projects, baking paper is much better than newspaper or scrap paper to lay the project on, as the paint won't stick to the baking paper, thus leaving bits of paper on your project. I learned this one from my very artistic sister :)

Tip number 2:

Ok, so I am probably the LAST person on earth who worked this tip out, but to save loads of paper/cardstock when running an alphabet die through your cuttlebug, etc, rather than cut out a strip the length of your die (and wasting a lot of letters you don't need, or running the die through multiple times with multiple strips), cut out squares just big enough to cover each letter that you need, place on die, and run through the cuttlebug, etc. It won't matter if you catch a bit of the letter next door as well. After I worked this out, I managed to use only one strip to create a lengthy page title (for interest, it was "A Proper Vintage Gentleman", for the Graphic 45 Proper VIntage Gentleman collection which is a gorgeous collection if you like vintage/James Bond, etc.).

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